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  The discussion about the best form of organisation of the Bundestheater (i.e. the former court theatres Burgtheater, Staatsoper, as well as Volksoper) has been going on since the fall of the monarchy.

Of course, it is not an easy task, since the artistic and financial independence of the theatres has to be maintained while at the same time taking into account that many tasks can be carried out more effectively under an association.

A staff of about 2,500 people, a budget of 235,3 million, and the wide range of professional groups from artists to craftsmen, scientists and lawyers make you think of a small city.

And indeed:
The Bundestheater is the biggest theatre company world-wide!

While the tasks of the single theatres are quite obvious and visible to the public, the activities of the Bundestheater-Holding cannot be determined so clearly, since they mostly take place in the background.

In its role as “parent company” the Bundestheater-Holding takes care of co-operation and relations between the subsidiaries. Besides that, the slim organisation is responsible for a multiple range of tasks: administration and construction, financial controlling, legal assistance, negotiation and conclusion of collective bargaining agreements … These are important tasks which are taken care of on behalf of the subsidiaries in order to give them the freedom to fully concentrate on their mandate which is to convey art.

However, the Bundestheater-Holding is at the same time a slightly detached partner of the theatre companies and in addition a forum for the companies’ contact among each other and towards the outside. As a “parent company” the Bundestheater-Holding acts as a controlling and supervising body, it establishes the company directives and acts as a mediator in case of disagreement. Being a strong partner the Bundestheater-Holding can and should defend overlapping and paramount interests on a political basis and serving in addition as a platform for business and artistic exchange.

The words independence and cultural competence stand for the role of the Bundestheater-Holding which acts as an interface between theatres, the audience and the government, fulfilling, as such a necessary and indispensable task.



ÖFFENTLICHE AUSSCHREIBUNG der Funktion der künstlerischen Geschäftsführerin /
des künstlerischen Geschäftsführers der BURGTHEATER GmbH


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